It’s been almost a year since I was officially diagnosed with Autism. I guess this is me coming out? From the beginning, I haven’t felt like I was hiding this new understanding in my life, rather that it’s just hard to work into conversation.

“Hi, how are you?” “Autistic, how are you?”

This makes for weirdness.

I think…. I mean I’m kind of socially awkward anyway… did I mention I’m autistic?

Anyway, it dawns on me that this kind forum might be a place to start writing about this experience. It kind of feels like I’m telling people which feels really good. But also realistically, it’s quite possible no one will read this post, or the ones sure to follow, which also feels good.

So, this is good.

And now back to the evening’s creatingwhich consists of crocheting detail to Tachyon socks by Jeny Staimen. Pictures soon!