• Soliton Wave by Jeny Staiman, a new pattern out today on Ravelry. I was one of her test knitters, and am so excited for her.

    Though of course the boulder looks stunning in her wrap, it’s even better on people!


  • 📚🧶

  • Tachyon by Jeny Staiman. Such a fun pattern! And @ttscoff loves his new socks. 🧶

  • Almost a year since official Autism Diagnosis

    It’s been almost a year since I was officially diagnosed with Autism. I guess this is me coming out? From the beginning, I haven’t felt like I was hiding this new understanding in my life, rather that it’s just hard to work into conversation.

    “Hi, how are you?” “Autistic, how are you?”

    This makes for weirdness.

    I think…. I mean I’m kind of socially awkward anyway… did I mention I’m autistic?

    Anyway, it dawns on me that this kind forum might be a place to start writing about this experience. It kind of feels like I’m telling people which feels really good. But also realistically, it’s quite possible no one will read this post, or the ones sure to follow, which also feels good.

    So, this is good.

    And now back to the evening’s creatingwhich consists of crocheting detail to Tachyon socks by Jeny Staimen. Pictures soon!

  • First one done… except for weaving in all those ends! Happy Pride everyone :) 🧶🌈

  • 18 year old cat mugging human for tofu.🐈

    This is Yetis new technique of mugging me for food. He climbs in my back paws at my head and meows plaintively. Yeti is 18.

    Yeti moved in with me in 2017 along with Brett. It took him 3 years to decide I was also his. When this life long one person cat became a 2 person cat, splitting his time between us, my heart melted so much that I started giving him anything he wanted. Also he was old, he’s had health issues, so every day felt like it could be his last.

    What is he mugging me for this morning? Tofu scramble with spinach and tomato. I’m trying to explain cats don’t digest veggies well, but he’s having none of it.

    I have created a monster. A Yeti monster.

  • Made from Berroco Macro held 3 strand with size 36 needles, this new cover for our porch couch makes our morning coffee cozier and way more comfortable for my bum. 🧶

  • Brett’s lap is always occupied with animals the way my lap is always occupied with knitting.

  • Both last year’s spring wrap and this year’s on the blocking tables. I’m pleased with both!

  • Sorry these took so long @Jean! but here are the socks, seem to have a type… ;) 🧶🧦🌈

  • 🧶 First sweater is finished and is currenlty blocking! The design is Carbeth by Kate Davies, the yarn is Blue Sky Extra, a merino wool, and baby alpaca blend. It’s soft as bunnies, and I plan on wearing it with almost everything. More images to come.

  • You monster, that was a library book!

    No one seemed to notice they were robots, and no one, but me, sensed their evil. What came next is a long drawn out plot of intrigue and family get togethers, including garden scenes and a woodsy retreat center cabin floating on a serene body of water. There was also moonlight. I took a break to read a graphic novel, I wish I could remember the title.

    Finally, one of the bad robots showed his hand when he threw my book into the drink. “This is it, the fight has begun”, I thought, as I caught a last glimpse of a gorgeous violet octopus, in the wet pages. Somewhat predictably, I shouted myself awake, “You monster, that was library book”!

  • Bod is celebrating a good weekend of knitting!

  • Day 21: Space. It’s a small room no matter what, but removing a huge L shaped couch sure gave us a lot more space.

  • Day 19: Mirror #mboct

  • Day 18: Finished. First crocheted fingerless mit done and one to go!

  • Day 17: Compass. So there is a needle in that cork. Would this compass help me find my way home in the dark? No. Did I complete todays challenge? Well… complete might be a strong word but I am posting an image cue related!

  • Day 16: Rotation. This is admittedly very close to my wheel photo..: it works bettter as rotation. Can we redo past cues? I should give wheel another shot! But truth be told I never tire of watching the cakes of yarn being formed.

  • Day 15: Ethereal #mboct

  • Day 13: Wheel. #mboct

  • Day 13: Animals #mboct

  • Day 12: Legend #mboct

  • Day 11: Hygge #mboct

  • Day 10: Bridges #mboct

  • Outtakes from yesterday’s challenge: safe. It’s from an old safe in the office of the yarn store where I work. I have no idea why there’s paintings on the inside of the door. Was this the fashion at one time?

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